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Facebook and Branding: How should brands behave on Facebook?

Become a friend?

When someone “Likes” your Facebook post, is that enough? I doubt it. You hoped for more didn’t you? You wanted a comment. You would have loved to see an engaging discussion going on in your post. Well, brands on Facebook are people too. They want the same things, although for different reasons. They wanted more engagement from fans, they wanted to be closer to them. This is why brands are doing it wrong on Facebook.

So it’s no surprise that many brands have taken to Facebook. It’s essentially an online presence for free, directly connected to everyone around the world. It’s almost like having a company representative standing next to every person in the world. But brands are not the same as individuals, and they often have more to say, and say it more often. So the question is not what brands are doing on Facebook. The question is, how should brands work on Facebook?

Most brands use their Facebook page as a place to only say things about themselves. They may not all feature specific products, but they all tie in to the brand somehow. An individual who does this would be scarily egocentric, and would have no friends. But brands are not the same as individuals, so they’re allowed to work differently. But is it effective? Is it engaging? Perhaps more importantly, does it make fans properly interact with the brand?

Elisabeth Diana, corporate communications manager at Facebook says, “speaking in the voice of the brand, talking directly about your product or service, or a topic related to the brand, is the best way to engage with fans of your page.” However, many popular notions claim otherwise. InformationWeek article from December warns, “Be sure to avoid over-focusing on your brand; fans know who you are already.”

Christine Campbell of Resolute Digital says that most brands don’t really know what they’re doing on Facebook anyway. Whatever the reasons for brands joining Facebook, it’s more than just “Likes”.


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