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Web 2.0 the new content distributor

The future of home entertainment

Firstly, this does not refer to piracy. Web 2.o is becoming the new content distributor out of nessecity, but in a sense, it was born from online piracy. The reason people loved illegal downloading was not only because it is free, but because it is convenient. It is the easiest and laziest way of getting that awesome movie you heard about, or that book your friend was talking about. Many companies are beginning to see this, and some have already begun to exploit it.

Chris Caceres from VatorNews wrote on a discussion between Richard Rosenblatt (CEO of Demand Media), Dan Rosensweig (CEO of Guitar Hero), Peter Guber (founder and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment), and John Battelle (founder and CEO of Federated Media) on the ways they have been using Web 2.0 for their content distribution. It’s important to remember that Web 2.0 is merely a tool. It is only one system, one “device”, or one tool that can be used in different ways. Interestingly, these CEOs use all the different avenues that Web 2.0 has to offer. Even more interestingly, it seems different industries must utilize different ways of connecting with their audience for reasons other than technological limitations. For example, content from Guitar Hero would have no place on Facebook.

One way or another, it seems that every branch of the entertainment industry can effectively adapt to Web 2.0. They have all found a way not only to adjust to new media, but to also embrace it. All except the film industry. Peter Guber explains that each movie is its own business. Nobody goes to the movies to watch a Warner Brothers flick, they go to watch that movie. Guber believes because of this fact, ultimately fewer big budget movies will be made and film companies will start looking more like Broadway plays – films being released only a few times a year and staying in the theaters for a while. Could this really happen one day? That will certianly be the death of cinema. You know what is scary about that notion? Filmmaker’s Tool Kit: Creating a Movie with Web 2.0

It has begun.


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